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December 6, 2009



Spreading the Love - Week 24

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 6, 2009, 2:17 PM
  • Mood: Eye Candy
  • Listening to: My mix o' music
  • Reading: Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
  • Watching: Buffy, Season 5
  • Playing: World of Warcraft

Morning fog by ForestGirl To Escape by Lumaris :thumb145832303: royalty by Fygomatic Self-Inflicted by vacuumslayer Parasoling by JeanFan Lady Butterfly by DarkBakaRanger Yavie by EmberRoseArt Free by Behana Dew by Muireanne Know your forest by Ranarh i am the dancing queen by tomatokisses At the dark elves court by Vyrhelle-comm Oh I Wish I Had a River by Jenna-Rose :thumb145412157: In the woods by Tsabo6 Sloth by TheSecretIsMine El susurro de las piedras by ElenaDudina ljosid -- lightbringer.. by devils-horizon

30 by aydan-kerimli Life As It Is by Sortvind I do by CozyComfyCouch Glass Wings III by Caelitha :thumb145724911: :thumb62132772: last breath by LittleFlair Flower haired girl by azrael-x64 THE HORMONES by Heile Done with you by diditzulu Unreal by A-Glass-Brightly mission accomplished by TearsOnthePiano Candela 3 by hakanphotography Forever by michellemonique Delusions by michellemonique Drowning prt. 1 by michellemonique Drowning prt. 2 by michellemonique Adam and Eve by brunocake into the hollow II by micmojo ..Rose.. by CozyComfyCouch post blue by ntscha Danielle Editorial III by larafairie :thumb145470738: white flowers by AncaCernoschi another rainy day IV by AnitaSadowska Frost Kissed by Jenna-Rose Forget Not My Tears by Jenna-Rose .PuRpLe. by CozyComfyCouch Leave me not by CozyComfyCouch fragile by JustRiven VA5 by katyT :thumb145413723: Holly. by zemotion :thumb145378992: Out-Standing by IngoSchobert Someday you will be loved by Soyismyhomeboy Aimelle by CozyComfyCouch If The Moon Fell Down Tonight by LinaDomina Bad Romance by LinaDomina Save Me, Darling. by LinaDomina :thumb145172136:

Dance Seclusion by ryoung tatoo scetch for Kri 2 by riotzzz EB by dashinvaine :thumb145578781: Odessa sketch by dashinvaine With Or Without You by IreneShpak Finally in your arms by Zindy :thumb145262294:

If I Knew There Was A ChanceI would have scoured the earth,
looking for you,
torn apart every hideout,
destroyed every secret.
There is no where I would not have gone.
Fine clothes, fine cars,
mean nothing,
everything is empty,
songs are hollow.
I am merely an empty shell,
carrying on the tasks of breathing,
pretending I still live,
even though I am dead inside.
Food has lost it's flavor,
there is no color to anything,
the world, without you,
is stark and cold.
Everything seems so dead.
And still I long for you,
I would have followed you anywhere,
even across the veil,
if I knew there was a chance,
however small,
that you might still love me.
She Won't CryYou see the pain that lies in her eyes
But, alas, her eyes are dry,
She won't cry
No, She won't cry.
You see the anger that burns from her eyes
The madness that sets her eyes ablaze,
She won't cry
No, She won't cry.
You see the fear that closes her eyes
The smile she wears is but a disguise
She won't cry
No, She won't cry.
You see the love that lies with in
But she shall never love again
She won't cry
No, She won't cry.
You see death's hand that has glazed her eyes
No one saw her die inside
They won't cry
No, they won't cry.
KnowDreaming of what might have been
Dreaming of what could have been
Knowing now
That you never really cared.
Will it ever change?
This reoccurring dream.
Will I ever know
When I am awake
And know that this is not the dream
I wish it was.
To dream till time's end
That is all I wish
So you and I
Could be together once more.
:thumb145664189: :thumb144888967: Just Need To Hear You SayHave you ever heard the sound of a breaking heart?
It's a beautiful tragedy
A self-proclaimed misery
Have you ever seen your shadow in the dark?
It's a one of a kind circumstance
So open your eyes and hold your hands...
Take a deep breath now
And in all the uncertainty
There's one thing I know for certain:
I love you
I love you...
And if was just you and me against the world
Well I don't need the world
'Cause I love you
I love you...
So don't give up just yet
We will find a way
To make this work out
I just need to hear you say:
"I need you"
Have you ever heard the wind whisper your name?
It's a creepy kind of melody
You find yourself singing the harmony
Have you ever been wrapped up in chains?
You try everything to just break free
Your heart beats a broken symphony...
These are the dreams that you hide
And in all the uncertainty
There's one thing I know for certain:
I love you
I love you...
And if was just you and me against the world
Well I don't need the world
'Cause I lov
Lie To MeLie to Me
You wiped the tears from my eyes,
Held me close against your side;
I whispered "Lie to me",
And softly you replied...
"Everything will be alright".
I Still Miss YouEven though
I can't be with you,
I can still
see you,
smell you,
touch you,
taste you,
every night,
until I open my eyes;
then I just miss you.
a chord for every discord.sometimes, i just think
in melodies and every
sad song sounds like you.
our sleeping patterns collide.I wake up tired.
I wake up tired and it's afternoon again.
I wake up tired and I am alone.
It's like every night i fall asleep with you on my mind, and I quickly sort through my thoughts leaving the prettiest ones on top so I can try them on in the morning. So everyday, I wake up and try on being in love with you. Except every morning, it's three inches too big or a centimeter and a half too small or it's brushing my kneecaps like it's too long. But I wear it anyways, since I'm used to being a shade left of ordinary or two steps past crazy. I'm used to wearing love and I'm used to you.
I'm used to falling asleep next to you and waking up alone.
You call me.
You call me adorable and I like it.
You call me your own and it feels like a fairytale.
We spend the weekends curled up on iced lakes like mirrors, scratching our stories into their frozen surfaces, and you write about adventures you'll never have and places you'll never go with a girl I wish I could always be. And I write about
:thumb145395019: come back down to the world.i'm always losing the things most important to me;
heartbeats, remote controls,
pulses, notebooks,
and you.
i'm becoming content with the fact that you're always burning
incense, words,
hearts, cigarettes,
and me.
i'm always breaking everything underneath my hard feet;
mirrors, dreams,
thoughts, glasses,
and you.
i'm becoming numb to your senseless feelings about
memories, wallpaper,
excuses, books,
and me.

Red Grapes No. 1 by afarland-stock wine press by schaduwvacht No More Cracks And Dips by Smoko-Stock Stock109 by Diesel-stock Vineyard Background Stock by BrokenWing3dStock Grapes harvest 1 by steppelandstock Peasant Girl and Basket pack 5 by FairieGoodMother :thumb137000765: Bourbon Blues, In Green by Smoko-Stock Clouds 7 by RiNymph-Stock Waterfall 02 by NenjasStock :thumb69172730: Lady in White 11 by HiddenYume-stock

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I've got quite the collection :D…

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