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Submitted on
December 13, 2009


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Spreading the Love - Week 25

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2009, 2:14 PM
  • Mood: Eye Candy
  • Listening to: My mix o' music
  • Reading: Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
  • Watching: Buffy, Season 6
  • Playing: World of Warcraft

Winter Fairy by Cocodrillo cold day by michalivan my first digi paint - junie by ceruleanvii The Meadow by elspethmac The Queen is Waiting by Josiane-Rey :thumb146052011: Dance with the wolves by CindysArt

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Without Your ArmsHold me please
I need your arms
I can't even hear your voice
Why can't you be here for me?
I need your sweet breath on my neck
I want to sleep in your arms
It can be my only restitution
The only way
I'll ever recover
I die a little every day
Without your arms
Wrapped around me tight
Honestly everything I do IS for you
For my life
Don't walk away
It's my death
For you are the sun and moon
Don't leave me here in the dark
Please don't just stand there
When you don't know what else
Hug me...
Hold me...
But you aren't here
I sleep alone
Dying slightly
Crying more
Wanting you with me
If I could only touch the wave of your hair
And cradle my head on your shoulder
Kiss my head... please
And whisper "I love you"
Reassure me
Don't walk away
I really would die
Don't think you understand
How much you really mean
My chest is ripping
You aren't here
My eyes ache from the tears
Puffy and tired
Please... kiss them better
I needed you
Oh so badly last night
To be there
I still need you
And you are gone
love like smoke.sometimes,
if you close
your eyes,
you can hear
the sound of
more often
than not, it's a
gentle sigh,
the timid release
of air into the
but if you
listen hard, you
can still catch
the fluttering of
breath between
twin-lips, each
broken promise
and dead end
fraying apart
on the tip of
the tongue.
it sounds just
like the pitterpatter
of the ocean's tears,
like salty wishes
freezing on
eyelashes, like
spidersilk tearing
apart in the haste
of the wind.
it's the sound of chalk
paintings being chased
away by the rain,
of lost children running
after smoke silhouettes,
of individual fingers
weaving together to
pretend they feel whole.


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